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About All The Children are Children

All the Children Are Children Ministries is a nonprofit 501c3 organization founded out of a critical need to help provide basic education, vocational training center, food and clothing for orphaned and underprivileged children living in rural communities in Haiti. That will provide mentally, physically and emotionally, economically and spiritually growth. Many of children in Haiti are trapped in a cycle of poverty education is an affordable luxury.

We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization which funds the ALL CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN ORPHANAGE IN HAITI, located in Guyotin-Coco, Haiti which was founded by Mr. Philocles Desir in 2002 out of a critical need to provide basic education, clothing and food to children in one of the poorest rural communities in Haiti.

Currently, 300 students attend school in a one room building with 12 benches that can only accommodate 30 students. The remaining students hold classes outside underneath trees, if weather permits. More children would like to attend but, space and school funds are limited. Presently, a staff of 5 teachers and a principal maintain the school. The classroom ratio is about 60 students per teacher.

Students are taught without basic supplies such as textbook, pencils and paper at times. The school and the village have no running water, electricity, transportation or even health care. To get water requires a walk several miles to the mountain and back. It is not unusual to see children 3 or 4 carrying water of buckets on their heads.  

Here are other ways to contact us:
All The Children Are Children Inc.
P.O. Box 153012 Cape Coral, FL. 33915 Email:
Phone: (239) 878-2104
  Here are other ways to contact us:
All The Children Are Children Inc.
36 Cite du Peuple Rue Jean.Jacques Dessalines W.I.
Phone: (509) 430-2102
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All The Children are Children
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